23/07/2017: Multiple updates & new official manual released!

Today we have quite a few exciting updates that can all be found in our download section here.
First, we have released an official N2 Elite managerĀ  manual that covers both users with Android NFC phone and users with our USB R/W device. It takes you step by step and in depth on how to best use the N2 Elite.

Second, we have updated our Android app to V2.0.6 to add new Splatoon Amiibos and 10 new SSB Wave Amiboos. The collection is complete!
Please note it should soon be available as a direct download from Google Play store.

Finally and the biggest update today, we release our new V2 N2 USB R/W Manager for Windows, Linux and Mac. Our USB R/W manager now matches all the features and ease of use of our Android app.

Note for Linux and Mac users: We have tested in depth our manager on Windows. For Linux and Mac, as we do not have a strong in house user base, we would like to ask you for your help!
If you encounter any bug, please write us [email protected], we will make sure to release an update as soon as possible.

THANK YOU for your help!!

And of course any other general or features suggestions are welcome to improve our products! Email them to [email protected]

Enjoy these updates. We will bring more in the future, next key update being the addition of Lego Dimensions support.

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