28/12 – N2 >< Amiiqo name change

A quick confirmation as we still receive lots of email about the Amiiqo>N2 name change:

N2 Elite and Amiiqo are exactly identical products. The only difference between an Amiiqo purchased a few months ago and a N2 Elite is the sticker on the device 🙂 .

You can replace one name, ‘N2’, by the other, ‘Amiiqo’. Therefore, early adopters who bought an ‘Amiiqo’ and not a ‘N2’ do not need to worry. Their device supports all current updates, and since we will try our best to only proceed via software updates, you will enjoy continuous support for years wether you own an ‘Amiiqo’ or a ‘N2’.

On a side note, the free bonus offer for early adopter is now closed. All bonus items have been shipped. If you did not receive your bonus item or at least an email with your tracking, you can contact us to obtain your bonus item information only if you had emailed us before Christmas 2015.

Happy holidays to all from the N2 team!

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