Amiiqo Press Release 2015-12-01 — Introducing N^2 Elite.

Phew! We’re back! First of all, sorry for the long silence. The past few months have been very hectic for us. Dealing with legal matters is never a pleasant nor a fast process. We had to deal with C&D’s, our ISP shutting us down and then a lengthy legal process to ensure that we’re “doing the right thing” ™. Suffice to say, these are not the areas on which we would like to spend our precious time, but let bygones be bygones!

Now, for the relevant and more exciting news:


As of today we will be known as “N2 Elite“, or N^2 in short. This rebranding is not merely the result of a legal matter but is the first step into expanding our existing product with exciting new functionalities! As you know the firmware on our N^2 NFC emulation tag is fully upgradeable, and we have many exciting functionalities planned for our users.

Skylander? MIFARE? Access token emulation? The sky is the limit!

Secondly, the USB NFC reader/writer hardware is currently rolling out of our factories and being shipped out to early adopters of the N^2 productline (you know who you are!). We are excited about this addition to the N^2 hardware family, both as a way for people without an android phone to manage their N^2 tag as well as a general purpose NFC/RFID reader/writer!


The hardware is based around the known NXP MFRC522 chip and connects to the computer using a USBserial bridge (Oh, and we added 3 leds for various methods of displaying status ). We’ve extensively been testing this hardware and implemented the N^2 manager as a reference application. We hope to soon be able to provide documentation and an SDK so fellow developers can repurpose our reader/writer hardware to talk to any RFID/NFC/ISO14443 device they like.


To accompany the release of the N^2 USB NFC reader/writer we’ll also release the N^2 manager app soon. This cross-platform application for Windows, OSX and Linux will allow you to manage your N^2 tag like you would with the android application. Simple, fast and easy!


The look and feel of the android app has been a bit crude from the start. A proof of concept you could say… Don’t fret, we’ve been hard at work redesigning the flow and look and feel of the app. The new app allows to manage separate “profiles” for your N^2 tag and has been completely redesigned to give the user the android user experience!

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