18/08 – Thank you to early adopters !

We have great news for all Amiiqo fans and users today. Past, present and future users!

First, a warm thanks to all for your support, Amiiqo launch has been a tremendous success and it means that our second much larger production batch is on its way. But more importantly this means we are able to drop the Amiiqo suggested retail price to $49.95, our originally intended pricing, once the initial startup/tooling costs could be guaranteed. Thanks to you guys, it was reached much faster than expected.

To thank all of you who made this kick-starter possible, we are thrilled to announce the choice of either a free Amiiqo unit (shipped within 2 weeks) or our upcoming USB reader / writer (estimated start of shipping end of September) to all our loyal early adopters who purchased a unit before August 18th . In the coming days we will release an update to our android app that will reveal a unique serial number for your amiiqo, all you need to do is send an email to [email protected] with your serial number and choice of reader or amiiqo in the subject line and your full mailing address in the email body.

Rest assured there is more exciting news coming ! ( hint, did you know your amiiqo firmware is fully updatable ? )

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